President Obama recognizes Doug Wade and Wade’s Dairy

Something exciting happened in 2014 and Wades Dairy Inc. as well as its President Doug Wade are at the heart of it! Watch above as President Obama discusses the raising of minimum wage and Doug Wades impact on the debate!

Want to know how all this came to pass? Read on for a short write-up from Doug Wade himself, as to how he got to be intimately involved in discussion and meet the President.

“I attended a roundtable event in Hartford on Monday, February 24 with Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Christopher Murphy and the U.S. Secretary of Labor; Thomas Perez to discuss the minimum wage increase that is being proposed. Two days later, I received a phone call from the White House inviting me to attend the President’s visit to Hartford. I’ve been told that I will meet the President before he gives his speech. I’ve been told that the President will include a story about Wade’s Dairy and my efforts to push for a minimum wage increase in his speech.”


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